05.27.2019 LIVE @ WWW Shibuya with Break Ensemble

I am very excited to announce my first show performing the music from ‘Break.’ Although the album was composed in solitude, I wanted to do the songs justice live and breathe new life into them for an audience. To accomplish this, I’ve formed the Break Ensemble with some incredible musicians; Kyo Ichinose who will be joining on piano, Atsuko Hatano on 5-stringed viola along and Anzu Suharu on violin who together comprise the group Triola, Hiroki Chiba on contrabass, zAk on PA, and myself on analog synthesizers, electronics and pianos. Together, we will present ‘Break’ in it’s entirety, live, with new arrangements scored and specially composed for this Ensemble. We will be joined by a special guest to be announced shortly. Not to be missed! Check back often for news and updates. Tickets can be purchased here.

Break』のリリースパーティーを開催!アルバムの世界観をライブで表現するため、「Break Ensemble」波多野敦子(Viola)、須原杏(Violin) 、一ノ瀬響(Piano)、千葉広樹 (Contrabass)、そしてPAエンジニアにはzAkを迎えた特別編成でお送りします。また、オープニングにはスペシャルゲストも出演予定。エレクトロニクスと生楽器が織りなす繊細かつ壮大なサウンドスケープ、ご期待ください!チケットはこちら