Translations of Opacity

For Michelangelo Antonioni


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01. Sascha Neudeck: Walking To Watch
02. Gintas K: Indrute (Still Life)
03. Tüsüri: Deserto Grigio
04. Mathieu Ruhlmann: Isola
05. Corey Fuller: Passing In Light
06. Tzesne: Le Amiche
07. Matt Underwood: False Resolution
08. Yiannis Christofides: Space And Identity
09. Michael Trommer: Deserto Rosso
10. Thanos Chrysakis: Montagna Incantata
11. Andrea Borghi: Omaggio A Gelmetti
12. Scott Taylor: Maryon Park 25, August 2007 (Note: a location used in "Blow Up")


This is an online companion project for the Antonioni double CD release entitled "Michelangelo Antonioni - Trilogy And Epilogue" (and/36 ), and is intended to serve as a general homage. The works featured on this project  
were solicited via public invitation, however out of the many submissions received, only the featured pieces were selected for this release. The artists were given free license to create work inspired by the late great film director. 
Both the CD and online projects were planned and initiated in June, 2007 -  three months before his passing (September, 2007), thereby making the launching of both projects more timely, moving and poignant than they might 
have been otherwise.

This release was originally divided into two "sides" to mimic a double disc release (hence the numbering system included in the track titles). Therefore, it is highly recommended that the album be listened to in its intended track 
order the first time.